Our redevelopment project was born out of the need to create a purpose built mosque (including community centre) to cater for the growing demands of those in the locality. The site which was used for 25 years as a centrepoint for much of Noor Ul Islam’s great work is now home to an exciting expansion project we like to call ‘Project Rebuild’.


What makes this special

Our vision for Project Rebuild mirrors the Prophetic model of the mosque being the centre of the community. All the needs of the community were taken care of by the masjid to develop the best of society.


With inspiration from the Prophet’s mosque (pbuh), Noor Ul Islam will serve as the heart of the community providing many services under one roof.


In line with the Prophetic ideal, the centre will be inclusive of women, with a dedicated mezzanine floor overlooking the main prayer hall as well as a mother and baby room and ladies only gym.

It will be a learning centre offering a library, a pre-school and classes to be used by all ages. It will be a community meeting place with a coffee shop and halls to hire for meetings, social gatherings and recreational activities. It will serve as a venue for dawah work and allow us to continue our collaboration with the Police, The Interfaith Council and other voluntary organisations.
There will be funeral services, a shop, fitness sessions and health services for the community.

Project Rebuild is estimated to now cost £9 million. So far, over £7.2 million has already been raised through donations and interest free loans.

We have launched numerous successful appeals for different parts of the building that has enabled us to reach beyond the £7 million mark.

The local community and those further afield (including overseas) have donated to various appeals including:

  • Foundation (covering the 1100m2 area)
  • Bricks & Blocks
  • Prayer space
  • Roof
  • Funeral facilities
  • Glazing
  • Dome

As at November 2019 we have raised through donations and loans: £7.5 million

We urgently now need £5 million+ to complete the project.

On completion of the project we will continue to raise funds to ensure all loans are repaid on time.

The Prophet’s Mosque was a place of equality (age, gender, race, ethnicity, economic/social status). This was a revolutionary concept over 1400 years ago, a concept that we too aspire to deliver inshaAllah. We ask for your continued donation and support to help make our vision a reality.

For Further information on Project Rebuild, Please click on the link below

Project Rebuild Info Pack